Having a lawn seems a soothing idea, a green patch will make your house look beautiful, and your children and pets happy. The refreshing feeling and its striking finery will always bring a smile on your face provided nurtured with care. The basic problem with gardens or lawns is weed. It will not only take unnecessary place but also harm the growth of the plants you long to see in colors during spring.

Man spraying vegetables in the garden. Image by The Organic Center
Man spraying vegetables in the garden. Image by The Organic Center

There are numerous solution for weed controlling. We can use several homemade products as well as chemicals to eliminate the weeds from the bed. Sometimes we can use common ingredients like sugar, vinegar, salt or even boiled water as a solution. The composition that helps to kill weeds are known as weeds killer or herbicides.

Herbicide is the substance that is used to kill the unwanted weeds of your lawn, pavement, gravel land, driveway or other land that you wish to redecorate. It basically affect the growth of the weeds that in turn strengthen the desired plants in long run. There are various types of weed killer available in the based on the market, which serves different purposes.

On the basis of their working principle we divide herbicides in many categories. Depending on the objects they work on we got two kind of herbicide: selective herbicides and total herbicide. Selective herbicide works on the specific weeds as it is made with customized ingredients. Total herbicides, on the other hand, work on any kind of weed be it broadleaf or something else. Based on their application time, we classify herbicides in two categories: pre-emergent herbicide and post emergent herbicide.

What is post emergent herbicide?

There are some kind of herbicides that we apply when the weeds are already grown. The chemicals work on the plants and slow down the growth and eventually kill them. This results in more space and more nutrients for the desired plants. Most of the herbicides somehow find it difficult to work on the seeds to stop it from growing so post emergent weed control is very important in the gardening business.

Basic ingredients of post-emergent herbicides

The main chemical that is used in herbicides is glyphosate. This is the active component of most of the herbicides along with some salts. At the very beginning 2,4-D used to be the main component but with development in chemical field it is replaced by the aforesaid material. There are different way of working for herbicides that we will discuss below.

Contact and trans-located post emergent herbicides

There is the type of pots emergent herbicide that works on the parts that come in contact with it. This type of herbicide kills the part that you are spraying on but the rest parts of the may flourish happily. That may not solve the weed problem entirely.

There is trans-located herbicide that can be absorbed by the weeds and is allowed to work in the whole system and kills it by working in the roots. This is the best type of post-emergent herbicide that can permanently solve your weed control.

Factors affecting post-emergent herbicide movements

When we apply post-emergent herbicides, climate seems to play a major role. There are some factors that helps the weed to grow healthy. We tend to think that if the weed is not healthy then it would be easy to kill it but practically it seems the other way round. If a weed is not showing healthy symbols then post emergent herbicides don’t usually work efficiently.

A very simple way to check if the weeds are growing properly or not is to check the soil temperature. The soil temperature gives you some helpful parameters about the growth.

Application of post emergent herbicide

While applying post emergent herbicide in your lawn there are few things that you should remember to make it work effectively.

Most of the herbicides are liquid in nature so while applying them or sprinkling on the weeds you must look at the matter that the desired plant should be avoided very efficiently or the main purpose will fail.

Post emergent herbicides are used for already grown weeds. There has to be the weeds in quite flourished form. Most of the post emergent weed killers doesn’t work on the seeds so there is no way it can control the weeds that will be born later.

For best results use these weed killer frequently per one or two weeks. Try to control the problem when the weeds are 3 to 5 leaf stage. Otherwise, the program can be a bit tricky and the process may be longer than it should.

Go for some reputed brand available in market as they come with easy instructions and convenient packaging.

Post emergent herbicides can solve the weed problem efficiently if properly used but we should always be careful about the effects of these chemicals on the nature and minimize them.


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