Hello, My name is Ann Pierce. I’ve been working in this field over 20 years and that has paid me with different experiences to enrich my knowledge. I faced a lot problems regarding soil, water, fertilizer etc. when I started this. Recently I’ve decided to share my experience and knowledge to help the beginners and started this blog. There is always confusion regarding how to make the soil or how frequently water the plants, what weed killer would serve you the best without harming the desired plants and I welcome you people heartily here as I am going to talk about the best possible solutions.

We all have this irresistible desire to have beautiful lawn in front of our house overflowing with colors in spring or covered in snow but outdoor gardening definitely needs more efforts and space. If you don’t have much space around your house, don’t worry, indoor gardening is the best option for you. I choose to have those beautiful texture and gorgeous colors inside my drawing room and they are really refreshing to look at.

As a beginner you may face some problems regarding soil, fertilizer or weed problem in both indoor and outdoor gardening so I have decides to share some tips and tricks to make the process easier for you.