It’s always nice to wake up and see a patch of green that sooths your eyes and comforts your mind.  Mornings become more refreshing when your window is facing a lawn that is overflowing with colors in particular seasons. Even in winter the snow in your lawn will add a special touch to your house as well as your mood. The whole fantasy of the lawn in front of your house can be ruined by some green disturbances names weed.

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Weed are those unwanted plants that grow in a garden, lawn, driveways, patios, gravel land etc. and disturbs the beauty and other purposes. In lawns or gardens it will take up unnecessary place and nutrient as well as light that may have negative effect on that plants you are nurturing with much care and desire.

Choosing proper weed killer

The solution for weeds growing anywhere is weed killers known as herbicides in scientific terms. There are various kind of herbicides available in the market, some work on special types of weeds where some treat almost all grown weeds there. There are some weed killers that we use before the weed is grown, they are called pre-emergent herbicide. Some weed killers cannot treat seeds and can be used only after the seed is born. These are called post-emergent herbicides.

While choosing the best weed killer for you garden you have to take care of some basic facts like what weed you are intending to treat, what are other plants present there and how it can affect you in long run but if you are having pets then you should always go for weed killers safe for pets.

Why you should use pet friendly weed killer?

The basic reasons why you should always use pet safe weed killer in your lawn is that pets seem to have a special bond with the gardens, they love to play on grasses and it keeps them closer to nature and they tend to be more healthy and energetic. But herbicides especially chemical ones affect the pets as well as babies. Babies seem to come into contact while playing and then put their hands in mouth and because of ingesting they fall ill. On the other hand pets seem to lick the weed killers right from the lawn and cause serious health issues.

Most of the chemical herbicides available in the market happen to have 2,4 – dichlorophenoxy-acetic acid as their active component. This affects human organisms as well as the nature. Pets seems to get affected on a large scale that could be a matter of concern and pet friendly weed killer is the smartest solution here.

Some easy way to control weed:

Homemade herbicides are consider as the most sensible pet friendly weed killers and they are easy to make. Sometimes they are the materials you use everyday life like sugar, vinegar, boiled water, salt etc. manual cleaning is also a nice option considering it would let you stay close to nature.

Manual Cleaning: Manual cleaning seems very useful. You can cut the weeds regularly in your lawns. It will let you know about many problems your garden or plant are facing like rotten roots or lack of any nutrients or ant problem. It will give you a closer view of your lawn and you can come closer to nature at the same time which is healthy habit.

Vinegar: Vinegar seems to be the most effective homemade weed killer. The main ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid that takes the moisture out of the plants and its different parts. It may not kill the plants from the roots but it surely affect the growth. While using vinegar in your garden, you first take step to protect the desired plants as it non-selective type. 5% concentration is good for use and the effect on human and nature is safe.

Boiling water: If there is an area you need to clear completely out then you can use boiled water on them. This has instant effect and harms the growth the plants. Be careful not spray on desired plants or yourself.

Sugar and salt: Sugar and salt seem to degrade the quality of the soil and it provides the weeds with no nutrients that in turn kills them but it does the same with the plants. So be careful with it the plants you are planning to grow.

Corn meal: Corn gluten works as pre-emergent and stops to grow weeds at the first place. This keeps your garden clean and the weed problem remains in control.

More importantly all the aforesaid methods are safe for pets and children.

How to avoid products harmful for your pets?

Here are some tips to avoid any herbicide that is harmful for your pet

  • Keep an eye on the ingredients
  • Have knowledge of the harmful components
  • Avoid anything containing 2,4-D or chloroform
  • Try to buy only EPA certified products.

These are few pet friendly weed killer you can have easy access on along with some cautions and they will eventually solve the weed problem so your lawn can flourish in a natural way and fill you with raw energy.

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