As a matter of fact, the best traveling sprinkler should travel along the right path without stalling. Thanks to its spiked wheels and solid gears, the sprinkler can provide a smoother travel while watering at varied speed control – This lets us easily adjust the saturation level and prevents water waste. Besides, we see no other than such a unique combination of versatile spray patterns and coverage over a wide range of big and small spaces. Let the sprinkler do the walking! But before that, go to learn how these traveling sprinklers work first:

How Do Traveling Sprinklers Work 

Picture watering the entire garden without having to move your sprinkler every hour.  These traveling sprinklers almost do the same without needing any gasoline power. So in this article, we’re going to learn about the driving force behind their tractor that can move these sprinklers around.

The fundamental idea of a traveling sprinkler is how it powers a transmission with water pressure. It means the water’s force from its hoses would turn a sequence of gears linked to the axle, which will turn the wheels slowly.

There are 2 sprinklers on top with two wheels that are considered the main method of motion of all sprinklers. It can travel along the length of a hose to dissipate water from its overhead ones. Their arms are connected to a worm gear in that tractor body. So that they can rotate it to engage the gear in the transmission.

This will transmit the rotational force from the worm gear to the axle that will turn the tractor’s rear wheels. Bigger models of traveling sprinklers will need more propulsion and power to deal with larger areas.

How to choose the best traveling sprinkler

In fact, there is a wide range of portable and high-quality sprinklers for us to choose from. All look like rings, impulse sprinklers, or the “traveling” types that can roll across your lawn area slowly.

So when selecting the right one, please look for the one having a coverage pattern that must match your area that needs to be sprinkled. You will be informed through the package details that show off the shape and size of the place which the sprinkler covers.

First of all, the best traveling sprinklers must be composed of metal. It’s because the gear inside the sprinklers is highly susceptible to breakage, which means that a metal gear is a perfect choice. In case the gear is not metal, it’s prone to contort and break, especially as the tractor reaches some barriers, like the rough and thick patch of grass for instance.

When it comes to bigger sprinklers, it’s necessary to ensure the hose to be included in the build. If the sprinklers are smaller, they match the best with your gardens and yards. If you like, choose the self-propelled ones that have the ability to run in large areas. If you live in a suburban home, a tractor sprinkler is even better.

Use larger sprinklers for sporty, industrial, and agricultural use since they work well for huge farms, sports fields, and big yards.

Other Sprinkler spare parts

Sprinkler controller – it takes control of watering performance through its modern irrigation technology. The controller allows the users to water precisely by using customized or automatic schedules.

Rain sensors – it’s one of the vital parts of your irrigation system since we don’t even know if a sudden rainstorm has ever come out of nowhere or not. Owning a rain sensor is best to prevent the plants from being over-watered and the amount of water from being wasted.

Tripod sprinkler – Investing the best tripod sprinkler is a wise decision if you want the instant coverage over a larger area. It releases the rain pretty much like the droplets, ideally used for lawns, gardens, nurseries, and much more. 

Aside from irrigation, in terms of planting, don’t miss saving your back with the best bulb planter to make the best holes for your seeds, bulbs, and bedding plants.

Best Traveling Sprinklers 2017 

Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler

This traveling sprinkler can cover an area up to 13,500 square feet with its 3-position adjustable speed options (high, medium, low), making it the absolutely ultimate way to water the lawn automatically!

Besides, this little one also arrives with its spray arms that are capable of reaching any diameter from 15 – 50 feet, ensuring to leave you and your yard both satisfied! Not just that, it also stands out in different ways rather than only one: these striking features can be seen through its coverage, durability, look, and other extra-functional abilities.

However, its tractor is quite bulky so no wonder why it takes slow in motion. This might take a longer time to water the entire lawn. Also, according to some other consumers, the traveling sprinklers’ arms move circularly, making it challenging to cover sufficient area for real.

Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler

A traveling sprinkler will be the genuine luxury if you make the right purchase. This traveling sprinkler of Nelson is made of steel, which explains why it’s rough and durable. At one time, its capability to travel can be over 200 feet and its coverage can reach 13,500 square feet.

As one of the top 10 tractor sprinklers voted by the users this year, the Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler satisfies us all, from the decent speed, durability to coverage. It’s able to travel along a line of hose that is longer than any distance traveled by the other sprinklers and cover various areas of the land. Use it on more than just the lawn, and feel free to have your own plants, flowers, or anything else watered if you want.

However, apart from its incredible watering capabilities, this one works only well when you own a wide-open area. This also means using it in a closely-packed flower bed is not a great idea. Also, the rain train sprinkler is complained to be so heavy that it feels hard to travel around. Worse than that, it will get stuck if you’re careless when letting it sink into the loose soil.

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