Whether you are knowledgeable about technology or not, making a decision on picking up the best smart sprinkler controller for your home’s irrigation system can be a difficult task as it makes you overwhelmed by multiple options available on the market. This review with abducting useful information will give you the list of best wifi sprinkler controller to make your choice much easier.

This awesome model is capable of giving the users great benefits when it allows you to set and adjust your irrigation system conveniently and immediately with your hands. Also, you will have sensors which help to shut down the system automatically if it is raining, so it has no requirement to upgrade it. Furthermore, the streamlined and customized control also helps to reduce water waste, which leads to a reduction in water bill payment.

After having learned some general information about the sprinkler controller, now, let’s see the list of top 5 best smart sprinkler controller as follows.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 16 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

The second generation of Rachio smart sprinkler controller is a big hit on the market as it remains successful features of the first version together with some great innovation.

With this new version, you can still set up it in the old place as the existing controller and then schedule the watering plan thanks to local humidity and weather features. However, a remarkable innovation in voice controls and some cosmetic changes which come with a more affordable price make it become the hottest model now.

The 2nd Generation Rachio allows the users to connect with other smart home devices such as Nest, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa for numerous different options of control. Another selling point of this model is its ability to adjust the water amount with precision to create exact plans customized to the particular demands of your ground. As a result, it completely leads to a considerable reduction in water bill and helps to save your money.

RainMachine Touch HD-16

Using numerous weather data sources of Wunderground, METNO or NOAA, the 2nd generation of RainMachine- RainMachine Touch HD-16 helps to create a precious and redundant weather system network for your home and ground. As a result, it helps to update the weather data daily to ensure an exact calculation of the water amount. This model is also very easy to set up and use without any requirements of costly contractors.

When using this amazing model, you can adjust your home’s irrigation system from any web browser or screen such as Opera, IE, Safari, Firefox or Chrome…from anywhere all over the world. Besides, the unique interface also offers optimal control feel while the white LEG allows you to see even in the dark conditions. Plus, when you don’t use this controller, it will display a light Wifi-icon which makes it visible away.

Orbit 57950 B-Hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 12-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

If you want to invest in a much more affordable price for your Sprinkler System Controller, now, have a look at Orbit 57950 B-Hyve – a smart device for both indoor and outdoor controlling. This model is considered as the best deal when comparing to other 12-Zone controllers as it comes to all awesome and fantastic features for a great smart sprinkler controller.

The product is a great plus coming from a weatherproof enclosure for folks with solid manual controls. It is made in the USA with high-quality materials and comes in a weather-resistant feature to make sure that it isn’t damaged by the weather and keep the timer safe when it is outdoor. Thus, it promises to last a long time and helps to save your money.

Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Irrigation Indoor WiFi Sprinkler System Timer/Controller

The intelligent water use is very easy to install customized the water plans which are possibly adjusted automatically for a long time and help to save your money and time. The 3-way control makes it capable of connecting from a mobile tool to a timer through an in-range device, wireless network or control panel.

As you use this product, it can automatically adjust the water schedule based on humidity, seasons, temperature or local weather. Especially, when you are out, there are still notifications in the Rain Bird app to indicate the condition of your ground. Therefore, your garden and ground are always kept nice and beautiful while it also helps to save a considerable amount of water.

Netro Smart 12-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller

Netro 12-Zone is designed with the aim to decrease the water using while still keeping your ground beautiful with enough water. It is highly appreciated to give the users a great chance to operate weather awareness remotely while you can still control and monitor this amazing sprinkler system wherever you are in the world.

Use innovative water-saving technologies such as applying historical statistics or connecting with the forecasting stations to ensure an adequate amount of water to your garden. Also, this model is automatic, so it allows you to make water plans according to the way you want to zone your lawn and plants. Plus, the product will also water each area for its plans, but still, applies the local water restrictions while alerting you and complying with this rule.


Watering your garden with a right amount of water sometimes causes difficulties for several homeowners, especially for busy people. Luckily, a smart sprinkler controller will make your irrigation task much easier.

To choose a suitable model for your needs and demands, what should you do is to have a close look at multiple units available on the market, consider your requirements, weigh the pros and cons of each unit and then make a right decision. Hope that our above review will help you to pick up the best wifi sprinkler controller and keep your lawn and plants nice and beautiful.

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