What would make your house look more attractive and feel soothing if not a patch of green? We always want a well decorated lawn or a backyard garden where we can enjoy our evening coffee with our children playing around with the pets. Grasses are one of the best part of the lawns which if properly designed would show you taste and excellence or sometimes just healthy to walk on in the morning or evening time.

Grasses go easily and quickly and cover the barren land to stop weeds from coming. Grass seeds are now easily available in the market and various types serve different purposes depending on their features. Sometimes we need to cover the land real quick or sometimes we need grass with particular shapes.

To know the best grass seeds for you lawn or what kind will serve your purpose in the best way possible, you should keep some basic things on mind while going through some grass seed reviews. This article is going to give you a clear idea on what features you would need to look into the grass seeds while buying them and how you need to spread the seeds in the garden so that it works properly.

Types of grass seeds:

First we will discuss about the different types of grass seeds available in the market. There are mainly two types of grass seeds. Warm season grass and cold season grass. There are other categories as well but first we need to classify them according to their survival process.

  • Warm season grass:

Warm season grasses are found in south and they needs hot weather for their best growth. They easily turn brown in cold temperature so these have to be grown in late spring. Some common warm season grasses are Bahia, Zoysia, Bermuda, St. Augustine etc. You can reseed these warm season grasses in winter and they will keep growing throughout the year and make your lawn greener.

  • Cool season grass:

Cool season grass are widely seen in north and they depicts exactly opposite characteristics as that off the warm season grasses. They grow best in the less temperature (fall and spring) and you need to seed them in the early fall or late summer as in high temperature they will turn brown. The most common cool season grasses are Ryegrass, Fescue or Kentucky bluegrass etc.

Now depending on the characteristic there are four types of grass seeds. Straight seeds, Seed mixture, Blended seeds and Lawn repair mix.

  • Straight seeds:

Straight seeds are those which contains only one kind of grass seed. They are used while you need a specific structure in your garden or a customized look. This looks brilliant and if properly nurtured you can have an excellent lawn with specific messages.

  • Seed mixture:

In seed mixtures we have different kind of seeds present and they are so mixed that they could grow together. Every seed happens to have some weaknesses and strengths. In seed mixture as different seeds are mixed together this strength gets multiplied while weaknesses being eliminated. This types of seeds are used in lawn disease control, irrigation and weed control etc.

  • Blended seeds:

Blended seeds have mixture of similar type of seeds so it gives you better view as the grasses don’t differ much in looks and they are stronger than the straight seeds so can be used in keeping the lawn uniformity as well as consistent appearance.

  • Lawn repair mixture:

This is mainly used to reseed the barren lawn where you do not need to buy the mulches, grass seeds and fertilizers separately. In lawn repair mix they are all present together to make your task easier.

How to choose the perfect grass seeds for your lawn?

While buying grass seeds you may need to look for the answers of the following questions so that you have a clear idea of your purpose and it would help you in choosing the best option available. The questions are:

  • What are you trying to do exactly? Are you planning a new lawn or do you just need to reseed the bare spots left in your already flourished lawns?
  • What kind of traffic is your lawn subjected to? Is it high, medium or low?
  • How well could you take care of your lawn? How much time and money are you able to invest in your lawn?
  • The most important thing in case of lawns are sun. Is your lawn exposed to full sun? Or does it have partial sun? The choice would be completely different in case of no sun.
  • What kind of seeds do you like in your garden? You can go for straight seeds while mixture can be other option.

Now we are almost done with the types and you have quite a clear view on the types of grass seeds. Now the next step is spreading the seeds.


After selecting the proper seed for your garden, you need to spread them in effective way so that the seeds grows faster and in healthy way. There are various types of spreaders available in the market and we will discuss about them in brief.

Broadcast spreader

Broadcast spreaders are used in case of spreading seeds over large area. They can cover 5 to 8 feet in any direction while in one time use. They are more likely to cover the area of a semicircle having 10-16 feet diameter. This type of spreader can easily spread the seed widely and as a result we have no control over eliminating some spot inside the diameter. There could be growth of seeds somewhere you may not want.

While buying this kind of spreaders we need to keep on mind that the settings should be convenient, the construction should be hardy, the mechanism must be easy and we should use it in different purpose and the warranty is also an issue to look into.

The basic benefits of using this type of spreader are:

  • Covers more area in less time.
  • Suitable for large projects.
  • Uniform distribution.

Hand held spreader

Hand held spreader are mainly used when the area of interest is small. They can easily fit in any lawn or spot where we can’t apply the broadcast spreader. The amount in which it spreads the seeds are very small and can be controlled easily. They are also effective in damaged areas specially by flood, foot traffic etc. Their easy mechanism makes them popular among the small project holders and the maintenance is also easier in such cases.
Hand held spreaders are simpler in nature and we need look at the construction, storing capacity, size and durability while choosing one from this category.

The basic benefits of using hand held spreaders are:

  • The mechanism is simple.
  • Doesn’t spread the seeds in unwanted places.
  • Takes small place to be stored.

Pull and Tow behind Spreader

This type of spreader are mostly used with the tractors in the fields. They gets attached to the tractor and spreads the seeds while moving along with it across the field or lawn. It can cover more area in lesser time and the perimeter of its working is quite large so we can easily use it in large sectors. It happen to have pneumatic wheels that are helpful in the whole process. The wheels being wide don’t leave deep impacts on the lawn or ground.

While choosing one pull and tow behind spreader we should look for the durability, quality of wheels, compatibility and mechanism of the tool.

The main benefits of this kind of spreader is:

  • It can be attached with ATC or tractors.
  • There are chances of covering large area in less time.
  • The spreader doesn’t leave deep impact on the already drawn groundcovers.

Drop spreader

The problem of spreading seeds even where not wanted is solved by this drop spreaders. This kind of spreaders doesn’t actually spreads seeds all over the ground rather they drop the seeds across their cross section. They basically works in vertical direction. We can use them while filling some hole or dumping seeds somewhere.

This is the simplest type of spreader available in market and while buying one we should think about the handles, hoppers and the other parts.

The basic benefits of using this simplest spreader are:

  • The mechanism and maintenance is easy.
  • Most suitable for small project area.
  • Doesn’t drop seeds in unwanted places.

Top-rated best grass seed with reviews

Scotts Turf Builder Quick Fix Mix

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Scotts Turf Builder Quick Fix Mix is one of the best product available in the market that you ca switch to for new grass in the lawns. The manufacturers claims it to be 99.99% weed free which makes almost impossible for your lawn to have weeds once this is planted. They happen to grow more healthily and get enough space and nutrients with light. There are different types of Scotts Turf Builder Quick Fix Mix are available depending upon the climate. There are tall fescue for pacific north west, Kentucky bluegrass for north, heat tolerant blue for transition, Bahia argentina for tropical region etc.

The seeds are coated that absorbs and holds twice as much water as that of normal seeds. This keeps the seeds moisturized and enhances the growth. This includes special nutrients that not only accelerates the germination but also boosts up the growth while providing all the necessary elements. It also comes with high quality protection technique that claims to save the seeds from any kind harm like fungi.

The process of using this Scotts Turf Builder Quick Fix Mix is very easy as well. You first need to prepare the soil. Rake the soil and remove the dead grass, then spread the product according to your need and then water it regularly. This will help to grow the seeds and make the lawn greener and thicker.

This is the perfect product for temporary lawns as it covers the area very soon and it also controls erosion problem. One single bag can cover up to 750 sqft area. They have restricted their business in the state in Wyoming.

Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix

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Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix is one of the best grass seed available in the market. This serves fast action very efficiently and acts as grass seed mix as well. Most of the cases we the sun becomes an issue as the requirement is not same in all cases. The heat also affects specific kind of seeds. In case of Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix we see that it can easily work under the sun but it doesn’t need it necessarily as its working under shade is also satisfactory. This makes the product so popular.

Another feature that makes it hold a special place in this field is the fast growth. The germination starts within 14 days of the application of the seeds and the growth is effectively better than other grass seeds available in the market. Any lawn that needs to look greener or own thicker grass should be treated with Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix.

This is a great seed starter and as mentioned before can be used as seed mix. This particular product can work on high altitude if the amount of moisture is reasonable. It can work in extreme condition and the outcome will be worth all your efforts. Adding some fertilizer with it would probably result better. This is not very good choice for dry area but if you have to go for this then you need to water the seeds more than regular watering schedule. This may solve the moisture problem and the result will be optimum.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we will discuss about some common ambiguity regarding grass seeds that most pf the beginners face and sometimes can’t find in grass seed reviews.

  1. What is the best time to plant grass seeds?

The time of seeding or reseeding depends on the nature of the grass. The warm season grass should be planted in late spring while the best reseeding time for them is winter. In case you are working with some cool season grass then the best time for seeding is early fall or late summer.

  1. How to plant grass seed?

There are several steps you need to follow while planting seeds. First prepare the soil and spread the seeds by spreaders. Water regularly and follow the climate change. Let the sun act and you will see the sprouts.

  1. How to spread grass seed?

The spreading technique depend on the project you are handling, how large the area under consideration is or the type of tools involved. You can used broadcast spreader in case of large field, while dealing with small area go with hand held spreaders. If you are using ATV then the best option would be pull behind spreader and to prevent seeding in unwanted area, we need drop spreaders.

  1. How long does it take for the grass to grow?

Depending on the breed and other specification the growth of the grass changes. The type and condition of soil matter along with the amount of sun and water although you can control the water. With proper care the grass will grow within some weeks.

  1. How often do we need to water grass seed?

Water the grass twice every day if the weather is very hot. If not you can water them once regularly but do make sure the upper one inch of the soil is moisturized. Once the grass ie established healthily you can go back to normal watering schedule.

  1. What is the perfect timing for planting grass seeds after using best lawn fertilizer?

 There is no recommended time gap between using best fertilizer for lawn and planting grass seeds. You can plant immediately after applying fertilizer but make sure you haven’t used any weeds killer as they don’t let the seeds germinate so all your efforts could go in vain.

  1. Are mulches or seed starters are required for planting new seeds?

Yes, you can use some good quality mulch or seed starter to enhance the growth of the seeds. There are products available in the market that hold moisturizer that in turn helps in the growth process.

  1. How to get a nice looking lawn?

The only way to have a nice looking lawn is over seeding. The lawn looks great with the grass thicker and greener. For that you need to over seed every year and better use straight seeds for uniform looking lawn.

These are some of the most frequently asked question on grass weed and this will help in the process.


These are pretty much all you need to know grass seed. We have discussed the types of seeds along with different methods of spreading. There are different spreaders that we have talked about that will also help. From this article one thing we have known for sure that to make our lawn beautiful we must choose everything very carefully or we can’t get the optimum result. The types of grass is most important as it helps in weed or irrigation control, disease elimination and many more like drought. The weather takes its toll very easily on the grasses for obvious reasons so always keep the climate specifications on mind.

While handling any project for first time, anyone can be a bit nervous and confused for lack of experience. So for the beginners it is advised to go through the faqs, grass seed reviews and if not satisfied completely ask any expert for any solution. There are different products available in the market meeting different specifics. It would always be wise to have a clear view of what you are buying and reading the levels carefully seems a smart thing while choosing seeds or spreaders. Keeping all this details from lawn seed reviews on mind, you can easily start your new project and add a green patch to your house to soothe the atmosphere and our sight and there is always chance to get close to nature while working in lawns.

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