Your lawn is the face of your house and somehow, says a lot about your personality. If you plan to have a lawn in the front yard, then it should be clean and always well organized. You can consider hiring a contractor, but the cost would be a serious thing to think about. Instead of that, you can think about having your own cutter and do it yourself. Cutting the lawn by yourself is quite relaxing and actually, can make you love your lawn more.

A cutter is not too expensive, and so does the brush cutter blade. A large garden will require the best brush cutter blade for the best performance and also last long with you through many seasons. You can take advantage of this blade to use for many things. But before purchasing your own blade, you will need to know what will make the best brush cutter blade.

Main Factors To Make The Best Brush Cutter Blade

Steel or material

Most of the brush cutter blades are made of steel but of course, they come in different diversities. It could be either Carbide steel or regular steel. It’s obviously that regular steel will be cheaper, more abundant and can find in any local store. This blade is also easy to sharpen at home so it could be fit for you if you don’t want to bring it the shops.

With the Carbide steel, the blade is more durable and last longer with a little bit more expensive. The gap is not too much so if it’s convenient for you to bring to the shop and you have a hardcore work, go ahead to buy a Carbide steel blade. It will stay with you for quite a long time.


The number of teeth on your blades is representing the power of itself. The more teeth it has, the more powerful you can get from that blade. You can find below are 3 ranks of power for each specific number of teeth:

Extremely light power: This is actually not recommended to anyone because you will get a plain blade with no teeth at all. This blade dulls really fast and only works with smaller household grasses.

Medium power: from 30 to 40 teeth, this blade is much better, which can help you hack down brush, brambles or overgrowth and thick grasses.

High power: These types of blades have around 80 to 120 teeth. This is the most multipurpose among the diverse types of blades. They work very best for trimming jobs. In case your greenery is too big, a blade with more teeth will take it down easily without requiring a professional chainsaw.


Another factor will affect the cutting power will be the diameter. The larger you have, the better and more powerful brush cutter you need to keep the blade spinning at high speed. So you need to understand your machine well then choose a blade that can fit with your machine’s power. If you buy a too large blade that overpowers your machine, it will not spin fast enough and give you the best of the blade. Normally, there are three sizes of diameter: eight, nine and 10 inches. Know your machine and your purpose and make the right choice.

Arbor Hole size

This is the part to connect the blade to your machine. And each machine and brand have a different Arbor Hole size. So double check your machine size and choose the right size. You don’t want the blade to fall out while you are using it, don’t you?

5 Best Brush Cutter Blade Reviews

PoolSupplyTown 2 Pack 8″ 80T Carbide Tip Brush Cutter

Come in 2 pieces; this is a good deal to buy a brush cutter blade and have an extra to change. Both of these PoolSupply Town brush cutter blades have 80 teeth with the diameter is 8 inch. It’s always worth to have a replacement ready in your storage so you can avoid a sudden stop in the middle of your work.

The carbide guidelines add accuracy and strength. Equip with 80 teeth; you’ll get tangible durability from both of these blades. The general fit is good for both size of Arbor, from 20mm to 25.4mm.


· Universal fit feature

· Suitable for small trees or bushes

· Carbide tipped for more durable


· Hard to control the cutting rate

· Need to carefully control direction while cutting

Forester Chainsaw Tooth 9″ Brush Blade

As its named, this blade has twenty chainsaw teeth on a 9 inches blade. When you are trimming or pruning bushes with this amazing blade, you won’t need to use too much strength. A kind action harvests excellent outcomes. This blade has actual continuing power. When it becomes dull, just refine it with a pile or have another one to back up to continue your work.

This blade can help you reduce the costs because you can use it for either brush cutter or chainsaw for a heavier work. This blade is a powerful and good multi-purpose brush cutter that you can find among many best brush cutter blade reviews.


· Powerful with chainsaw teeth

· 20 teeth and can fit most trimmers

· Easy to sharpen

· Versatile for many jobs


· Dull pretty fast

· Only fit for 1 inch arbor size

RENEGADE BLADE – Carbide Brush Cutter

Another pack that comes in two blades and they are from the reputable Renegade. These blades are both 8 inches diameter and come with two types of teeth. The 32 teeth blade is great for small pieces of bushes and plant matter, while the 80 teeth will give you enough strength to cut down a big tree or harder material.

All teeth are made from carbide for an accurate and smooth cut. You will have to worry about dull blade for a long time, even your work is hard. The arbor sizing is flexible which let you use both 20mm and 25.4mm arbor size. Just pay attention that don’t use them too much on concrete or metal because the blade will be dull quicker and the cost to sharpen is not cheap.


· Reduces washer included

· Carbide steel on teeth

· Multi-purposes using

· Easy to sharpen


· Dull really fast

· The cost of sharpening is expensive

MaxPower 12580 Razor Max Brushcutter Blade

Another chainsaw blade but smaller size in 7 inches diameter, this blade will make your gardening become a lot easier. The blade is made durable and tough to last for a long time, but also can be easy to sharpen with a 3/16 file.

The price and the quality of this blade is a great combination and it will trim down any brush or smaller wood vines. However, the drawback is you need to own a chainsaw to use the best of this blade and have to experience the chainsaw speed too.


· High speed and powerful

· Tough and durable

· Suitable for medium work


· Only fit for chainsaws and need time to practice

Oregon 41-927 8″ XRT Brush Cutter Blade

The final blade in this blade comes from a new brand but the quantity is really good. Oregon blade is in 8 inches diameter with 20 teeth, which make it perfect for medium jobs. The maximum speed is 13000 rpm so you can easy cut down even a medium to big bushes and trees. For a new comer, this is a real good product.


· High speed

· Powerful and easy to control

· Durable and dull slower


· New to the market

· Don’t have many reviews to consider


Cutting your garden by yourself is never an easy job without a really good cutter machine and the best brush cutter blade. With all of the factors and the best brush cutter blade reviews of 5 blades above, hopefully, you can find the right blade for you and fulfill the task with your garden and lawn.

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