Are you a beekeeper? Or you will become a beekeeper in the forthcoming time? Whether you are a beekeeper right now or in the future time, you should not forget to get the best bee suit.

You probably watch some videos on the YouTube which lots of beekeepers are working on bee homes without a bee suit, but this is not a good idea or an ideal option for most of the beekeepers or a newbie like you.

On the flip side, you will know some equipment which a beekeeper need to prepare before starting the “bee journey” due to the bee suit reviews as below.

A reference recommendation for the begin beekeepers as well as other experienced gurus

The Beekeeper’s Handbook is the fourth edition of the Dummies series of the beekeeping tasks in the best beekeeping review for newbie beekeepers and local SME’s which has a profusion of incredible detail, unusual graphics and diagrams. There are 28 pages are waiting for you to explore and look up useful information on the reference material which varies from several abbreviations to hundred stories about the bees.

The best bee suit to look for in the current market

To ensure the whole protection, beekeepers usually have the bee suits on before starting the beekeeping tasks.

By doing this, you will protect yourself against the angry bees that might cause potential accidents. Here are a few key things you could discover everything about the beekeeping task in the best bee suit reviews.

Humble Bee 430-XXL Ventilated Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil | Editor’s Pick

Humble Bee 430 XXL Ventilated Beekeeping Suit With Round Veil has several supporting accessories for the users such as the self-supporting round covering, the heavy rudeness zippers, the durable pockets, knee cushioning pads with the lavish case.

Therefore, you will feel much more comfortable once you have them on to undertake the gardening task without much hassle.

The bee suit is made from a half cotton and a half synthetic blend to create the excellent protection to prevent the bee attack. Additionally, the ultra – breathable also is inbuilt from the synthetic panels will keep you feel cool even if you have to work in the hottest conditions.

The form of the suit is available with the stretchy waist and ankles as well as the extra thumb and the foot to keep everything convenient in one place.

Men and women users totally could wear the Humble Bee 430 XXL to do your gardening task as it has suitable dimensions for both of them (between 6’2 inches and 6’3 inches or 186 – 191 cm) with the ceiling for cleaning and storage in the long period of time.

Another special point is that the Humble Bee brand will donate 10 percent of the profit for none – profit organizations to inspire the local beekeeping to continue the activities and support bee preservation efforts.

Several beekeepers love the Humble Bee 430 product as it is full of great features and functions, so this is one of the best bee suits in the current market.

NATURAL APIRARY – Max Protect Beekeeping Suit | Alternative Pick

Once you make a purchase of the NATURAL APIRARY, you will get the best bee suit as it is made for the beekeepers to undertake their tasks smoothly.

The bee suit will give you outstanding protection for aggressive bees because it has the weave cotton, the metal YKK zip system, the Velcro seals, and the thick collar with the sturdy stretchy to protect your ankles, knees and other parts in your body while undertaking the beekeeping activities.

Furthermore, you still feel comfortable and prevent the irritation once you put the bee suit on. With the sturdy nylon veiling, the suit upgrades the comfort for the users to stay cool under the circumstances, and the flexible waist to fit on all the body shapes whether you are slim or not.

On the flip side, the suit also has a large pocket to give you extra space to hold some important equipment when you want to bring them to your body to build comfort during the task.

After wearing, you completely move them on the washing machine to remove the dirt, and you could wear them on other beekeeping activities.

Please keep in mind that you need to measure the length from your shoulders to ankles, the width of the chest diameter and the waist, the length of the collar, and the crotch to prevent the pull on your shoulders or the crotch position.

A quick measurement of the NATURAL APIRARY suit:

  • Collar to Ankle 63 inches (162cm)
  • Collar to Crotch 36 inches (93cm)
  • Chest: from 32 inches to 48 inches (82-126cm)
  • Waist from 32 inches to 48 inches (82-126cm)
  • Leg 31 inches (80cm)
  • Arm 22 inches (56cm)

MANN LAKE Economy Beekeeper Suit with Self Supporting Veil | Budget Pick

MANN Lake Economy Keeper suit has the neck zippers, the Velcro closing – down covering where two sets of the zippers in the suit might meet to provide the complete protection.

Moreover, the suit also has four pockets which two covered overhangs at the chest and two open pockets next to the hips. Additionally, it also has the extra pocket in the leg position to hold the equipment.

The suit also has the stretchy wrists and ankles to increase comfort and protection, but it still has heavy-duty zippers in the ankles for ease of wearing on and out when necessary.

The collapsible hood has two coatings of the textile on the back of the hood providing you an additional coating of the protection in the head or the back as well.

This bee suit is made from bend cotton (60 percent) and polyester (40 percent) materials to stay cool, flexible, lightweight, and breathable for the users in any weather conditions.

You are a pest operator in need of protection, or you are a beekeeper only, this is one of the best bee suits for you.

The Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit with Veil | Upgrade Pick

The Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit has three coatings aerated with the mesh fabric to build comfort when wearing it during a hard working day.

The bee suit is made of this fabric and polyester (or vinyl) at the same time is lightweight and strong enough for users. The brass zippers and the workmanship are smooth, plus has durable aerated fabric coverings.

Without having wrung or twist, you completely could wash the bee suit in the washing machine like other outfits.

However, please keep in mind that you should not use the bleach to clean the suit because the internal materials could potentially break down, and this could reduce the lifetime of your suit.

The sting protection with the ventilated fabric keeps you comfortable and helps you stay cool all the time even when you’re working in the summer heat.

With full of the unique and perfect features, the Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit is rated one of the best bee suits in some recent years.

How To Choose The Bee Supplies That You Need To Consider Beforehand

Beekeeping is one of the most crucial parts of the honey – bee care which allows them to produce and store a huge amount of honey when necessary.

While gathering, the beekeepers need to take a veiled hood as well as other special tools to cut the comb, for instance.

What’s more, some beekeepers also use some household tools to support this activity for them like wood glue, a hammer, outdoor paint, spray bottles and painting tools.

Once you begin the frames, you should also take into account other equipment needed as an experienced beekeeper.

The Gloves

Do not miss out on your hands and elbows while wearing the protection for your face and neck. Beekeepers always have gloves along with the sleeves which also catch to the elbow.

BESTOPE Beekeeping Gloves Canvas Protective

BESTOPE Beekeeping Gloves are made from the canvas – a kind of the durable material and the thick leather to build the comfort, the eventual protection, and the flexibility as well.

These materials do not contain toxic chemicals so that you do not get the irritation, and you still feel comfortable during a wearing day.

With the gloves, you enable to touch the hive completely without getting the aggressive bees to protect your hands.

What’s more, the canvas sleeve could cover your whole arm so that bees don’t play around the inside of the gloves.

The Beehive Smoker

You might be wondering what you do with aggressive bees, let’s face it – you will certainly encounter this occasionally.

Thus, a beekeeper needs to take smoke from a smoker to sedate and prevent their attack once you open the hive.

Aspectek Beehive Smoker

The Aspectek Beehive Smoker is made from stainless steel which is a sturdy and durable material with heat shield protection to keep secure for the beekeepers, especially the burn accidents.

With the removable fire plate, it could control the airflow to increase the smoke in the hive due to the vinyl material.

Additionally, it will help reduce the angry and aggressive bees, so you can keep safe from multiple stings when cleaning and continuing the hive maintenance.

When the smoke appears in the hive, bees start to keep their honey in the body, and once they are full of honey, they won’t have the capability to harm you.

To get the best results, you should smoke during middle of the morning and early afternoon because bees have a higher chance of being away from the hive while they are farming pollen.

Frame Lifter and Scraper

With the hive tool, it might help you to open the hive, take off the frames, and rake the comb.

KINGLAKE® Steel J-Hook Jhook, Bee Hive Tool Frame Lifter and Scraper

KINGLAKE Steel J – Hook is designed from the stainless steel that makes it is much more difficult to bend and break.

With the length is 10-1/2-Inch and the weight is about 160g, this is an ideal beehive tool for most of the beekeepers all the time to reach the bee homes promptly.

The beehive tool is truly a multi-function tool as the J shape hook is taken to open the first frame and the sharp edge could cut the bee – wax like the scraper product.

Thanks to the KINGLAKE hive tool, you might pryall of the hive parts, control the beehive and other supers easily.

The Smoker Pellet

What will you do to calm your aggressive bees down? Do not get them angry and mad because you will play with a knife.

Thus, a beekeeper needs to take smoke from a smoker to sedate and prevent their attack once you open the hive.

Mann Lake HD554 KwikStart Smoker Pellet

Mann Lake HD554 KwikStart Smoker Pellet easily works with one flame, and you could blow it out and observe the smoke roll only. If you begin the other smoker fuel, then you could leave the flame as quickly as you can for the fire starting an action.

Please keep in mind that the smoker pellets should be used for one or two hives only.

The dimensions of the Mann Lake HD554 KwikStart Smoker Pellet:

  • The length: 5-1/2-inch
  • The width: 2-inch
  • The total dimensions: 8-1/2-inch


Mann Lake HH440 Stainless Steel Double Sieve

Mann Lake HH440 Stainless Steel Double Sieveis made from the stainless steel material to boost the durability and comfort for beekeepers to carry and handle. To have an endurable sieve, you should wash it by hand instead of using a washing machine.

With two sieves, it also has two screens to eliminate all kinds of debris. On the one hand, the double sieve is also lightweight so that you might want to put it into your bag under the circumstances.

Please bear in mind that the tool does not have the filter out pollen to get the honey – bee product included, so you should get an extra purchase when necessary.

The dimensions of the Mann Lake HH440 Stainless Steel Double Sieve:

  • The total dimensions: 10 inches
  • The length: 5 inches

The Uncapping Knife

An extractor to get the honey bee product from the combs. The extracting device could be an electric or hand-operated one.

With uncapping equipment like a knife, you need to take off the caps from the frames as well.

On the flip side, you also should have a strainer or a filter to absorb the honey before moving them in the bottles.

11″ Uncapping Knife – Beekeeping Tool by HLPB

With the HLPB uncapping knife, you enable to cut the bee wax from the frame of the hive easily thanks to the two jagged sides of the knife.

The sharp edges will help you trim every bee wax no matter it is sturdy, thick, or sharp from the frame and the beehive still stays in one place.

By doing this, the bees do not feel their home might get dangerous, and they absolutely could not attack you. You will have the honey – bee products from the bee wax frame as quickly as you can manage.

Before using the knife, you should dip it into a hot pan with full water between two sides of the cut edge to prevent the uncapping easy.

Some beekeepers will use two uncapping knives, and they do not dip these knives at the same time because they might have wait for the cooling down between two knives.

So, you should divide the uncapping time for both of the two knives while getting the bee wax in the beehive.

The Holder Lift (The Gripper Tool)

WEICHAN New Frame Grip, Gripper Tool Stainless Steel Beekeeping Equipment

WEICHAN New Frame Grip is madeof the stainless steel that the manufacturer chooses the high – quality material to increase the durability. With the wooden handle, you could use and carry it on your hand conveniently for long hours.

You probably do not love the lifting hive because it is not easy to handle the bee hive while the bees continue to do their job. The gripper tool might support you to elevate the frames out the hive without much hassle.

The Bee Brush

This is probably the first time you have seen this kind of brush, but it is a special brush to unfasten bees from your outfits, the frames and other parts around you. This is because you need to ensure that you do not have any bees visiting you anymore.

Natural Horse Hair Bee Hive Brush

Natural Horse Hair Bee Hive Brush is used for diminishing all of the bees on the comb attachment. The hair bee hive brush should be soft to evade the damage to the bees.

This bee hive brush is made from the wooden and the bristles to protect the beekeepers while using. If the bee brush has got honey – bee product, then you should wash it immediately for reusing in other time.

The dimensions of the Natural Horse Hair Bee Hive Brush:

  • The length: 42
  • The width: 8cm (the width of the brush part)
  • The handle grip length: 18cm

Things to consider in the best beekeeping reviews when purchasing the bee suit

Before buying the bee suit, take a few hours to read the beekeeping suit reviews carefully to get the greatest suit for you.

The temperature

Do you live in a hot region or cold area? It is a nightmare when you wear a hot outfit in the winter season and conversely.

Fortunately, most of the bee homes are the hot region, so you should pay attention to the breathable feature and keeps your body cool all the time to focus on the beekeeping tasks.

Most of the beekeepers often wear a lighter suit or effervescent suit for ease of use and comfort as well.

The colors

Why do you need to draw attention to the color of a suit? Because you do not want to appeal the bees in both positive and negative ways.

To avoid aggravating bees, you should stick the while or other lighter pastel colors and do not wear the dark colors.

The quality

Although you need to buy a lightweight bee suit, you should not forget the quality of the suit and the materials as you will not feel the stings while undertaking around the hive.

The security

With the high – quality zippers and the elastic covering around the ankles, waist, and wrist, these parts will comfortable at all, and they do not get stuff anymore.

Furthermore, your suit could keep down as it should be, so you do not worry about the flying bees in the suit.

The veil

If you do not want to buy an extra veil to keep your budget, then you could select the suit with a veil together.

Moreover, the veil might not slide up your face, and you will have a smooth eye – path in the Hive directly.

Tons of bee suits will come with a collapsible or fencing veil, so you if you have them on, you will need a ball cap under the veil to keep it at a fixed place.


Raising and keeping bees can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities not only for yourself but for the ecosystem as they play such a vital part in nature.

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